ALPHA Lacrosse is a brand that focuses on both the everyday necessities of a lacrosse player and the lifestyle of your typical Californian. While providing top notch products, they live and provide the laid back mentality of playing the game. Whether it’s in your pregame warm-up or your off-field steeze, ALPHA is ready to make you game ready on the field or at your post-game fiesta.


ALPHA’s Situation

ALPHA has established themselves as a new up-and-coming force in the lacrosse industry. Their focus on the individual player and their needs makes them a desirable brand for every lacrosse player. However, their website and overall image needed a bit of a facelift. They wanted a site that would attract customers with ease in navigation and purchasing. They wanted something different than the current industry leaders who focused on lacrosse only. ALPHA’s image is a combination of relaxed lifestyle with an lacrosse emphasis. We needed to portray this vision through strategic design and style.

How do we Refurbish a Brands Established Image to Appeal to a Broader Culture?

What were the steps necessary to make ALPHA a brand for the everyday lacrosse player without taking away from the quality of their product? With their main products being lacrosse gear, we wanted to make sure we didn’t downplay the brands authenticity. At the same time, the goal was to make the brand appealing to the lifestyle of lacrosse in the Southern California beachy environment.


Our Solution

We decided to begin with establishing a strong digital presence for the brand. We wanted their website to be engaging and interactive for its visitors and implore them to continue to look further into the ALPHA lifestyle and ideology. After multiple meetings on developing a style and voice for the brand, we were ready to incorporate a new image to position ALPHA as a brand for its people and a strong competitor in the lacrosse industry.

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Engaging Home Page

Introductory Video Loop Slider

Our goal was to immediately attract our viewers attention with a continuous looping video as a full page item on the home screen. We felt the video would catch the eye of each visitor and urge them to move forward and/or view the video to give them some insight on the brand.

Compressed Sections

Our compressed sections allow the user to explore all the site has to offer without having to scroll through all its content. Each section is meticulously designed to feature the most current items in order to maintain a fresh dose of information to the viewer.

Simplified Scroll/Swipe Options

We realize that a large number of viewers would be visiting the site on a mobile device or tablet. We decided to incorporate a carousel with screen swiping options to move through featured products to add ease in browsing ALPHA’s selection of goods.

Interactive Social Section

We developed a section for social based around a simple tabs feature. Instead, we used a horizontal compression that would display each social output in a format that fit each ones style. As you swiped through or clicked each tab, the others would minimize and allow the chosen item to display itself with its own layout. This featured allowed a large section for social content without engulfing a large portion of visible space.

ALPHA Home Page

Aesthetically Pleasing & Informative Product Page

Product Details & Graphics

ALPHA focuses on making quality products customized to fit each player and position on the lacrosse field. We decided it would be appropriate to expand on the product details by providing each with its own animated graphic and details section. We felt a product page would gage the viewers interest if it could be continuously active and intrigue the customer to view more products until they found one that fit. With plenty of space to display the specifications of each item, we grant customers the capability of knowing exactly what they are purchasing and why it will work for their game.

Space & Time Minimizing Expansion Tabs

With such a large amount of space being inhabited by each item, we decided to incorporate a minimizing/expanding option for each product. Each item would display on screen as only the image, name, and price, but have the option to expand to view each product detail. This option removes the need to move to different pages and allows the user to easily scroll through and view each product in full detail without having to go back on their browser.

ALPHA On Field Product Page

Technique & Expertise

We developed a style aimed to keep users involved in the site and, therefore, continue to browse. With a target demo of adolescent to young adults, we were aware of the constant distraction and need for interactivity. With this site design, we keep the user involved in their browse and purchase intention and hopefully push them to purchase.

Responsive Design

Many of ALPHA’s customers will view the site on platforms other than a web browser so we designed the page to respond to any device and maintain its ease of function and visibility. Every section on each page has been designed and developed to adapt to its device.

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ALPHA’s Newfound Success

The website is still in beta and will be launching in the Fall of 2015, but we are quite optimistic on its future success and will continue to update with current happenings in the ALPHA community.

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