A Short Lesson in Bamboo History

Bamboo Skateboards is an ecologically-based brand led by social entrepreneurs who believe that giving back to the community is just as important as profits. The company uses sustainable bamboo, sourced from managed forests, to manufacturer their high quality and environmentally friendly product. They service core shops, brands, and individuals around the globe, providing each and every customer with a unique experience and a solidified partnership.


Bamboo Skateboard’s Situation

After a few years of existence, the brand began to gain a pretty steady following. Unfortunately, their following was mostly adolescent skaters who constantly wanted free product and sponsorship. This could be attributed to their name at the time, BambooSK8, or their social presence on adolescent based social websites. Nonetheless, they were not seen by core skaters as a brand to be taken seriously even though they offered a high-quality earth-friendly product.

Can we make the Brand More Attractive to the Core Skateboarding Demographic?

The ideal skateboarding market age ranges from the late teens to mid-late twenties and Bamboo wanted to have an influential position in this demographic. What changes were necessary to become a strong competitor in an immensely saturated market with multiple substantial powerhouses.

How can we Engage the Longboard & Cruiser Skateboard Market with the Brand?

Bamboo was also interested in expanding their influence to longboard and cruiser skateboards, but without interfering with their image to core skaters that would be riding their skateboards. The question was how to connect with both demographics without one interfering or diminishing the perception of the other.


Our Solution

We began Bamboosk8’s transformation with a new name: Bamboo Skateboards. Easy enough, right? We moved forward from there discussing ways to mature the brand and give it features and a style that would remove its connection with adolescent youth and have a simpler and cultured identity. By building a new style guide and design, we would transform BambooSK8 into a potential competitor in the skateboarding game and push the sustainable bamboo option to a unendurable maple-heavy market.


New Brand Image

We decided to minimally but successfully separate the brand styles aimed to reach the core skateboard market and the longboard & cruiser market.


This is the main brand, however, the name is focused solely on the core skaters and the late teen to late twenty age demographic. While maintaining a very clean graphic style, we set out to develop our image with quality photographs of skating and lifestyle shots to begin pushing this new brand mentality. We developed a basic style for the brand to follow and began moving forward.


This brand was aimed to represent a laid back Southern California surf culture and reach out to young adults and above. Our goal was to create a relaxed style that would comply with male and female consumers. We softened BSC’s color palate, giving it a more pleasant aesthetic. We developed multiple identifiable brand logo options and even played with the option of a thinner main logo.

Website Design

First Round

Bamboo’s current site enveloped our new mature style with ease of navigation and quality ads & imagery. It’s clean layout and features allowed a simplified User Experience and gave the opportunity to efficiently find what they needed.

New Design

The new design has similar features to the previous design, including the carousel with featured products and a welcoming full screen slider. However, with the changes in style to the brand, we made all designs and styles consistent and cleaner. We incorporated a new motto and hashtag, ‘ROLL GREEN’, to emphasize the sustainability of the bamboo products. Once we begin to obtain more inventory and options in product, we plan to incorporate more mobile friendly features to make shopping for a Bamboo Skateboard incredibly efficient and interactive.

Bamboo Skateboards Current SiteNew Site Mock Up

Digital & Print Promotional Ads

The most dynamic portion of our work with Bamboo came in the form of Ad development. We were constantly promoting new products, holiday sales, events and anything else we could think of. Facebook Ads and Google Ads were constantly developed to maintain a fresh message and gather more potential consumers. We wanted our site to stay current and maintain our customers interest. Slider updates and Instagram posts became a daily activity and, as a result, our following grew exponentially. We kept our style true to the identity we had established to continue to build brand loyalty and consistency. It became clear our technique was working as we saw more college students and older demographics begin to become loyal customers.

Deck Series & Design Variations

In order to obtain a larger inventory of deck options, we decided to design decks in series rather than individually. The usual struggle with multiple design options would be the popularity of some designs undercutting the sale of other designs and leading to a large unsellable inventory of the latter. Fortunately, Bamboo had the option of heat transferring graphics onto their boards in-house so we would not have to stock up on a certain quantity of decks and could instead print as they are ordered. This allowed for us to develop various series and test them with consumers. While we maintained a design style true to our identity, we had the freedom to make mistakes and move forward from there. We proceeded to make various series for the brand and even began to bring in featured artists to do their own artist series for the brand. Through diligent designing and test runs we were able to better understand our demographic and, thus, deliver what they wanted.

Ample Supply of Photographs

As mentioned earlier, we were vigorously active in obtaining numerous photos for the brand to maintain fresh content for our viewers and consumers. With our brand ambassadors we were able to get plenty of high quality and impressive action and lifestyle shots throughout the nation. We also set up weekly photoshoots in our own backyard, some withe our ambassadors in action, some local lifestyle, and some basic product shots. We wanted options and to avoid repetitive content and found we were able to accomplish this through persistence and determination.

Product Catalogs

The Product Catalogs were the key features for Bamboo’s Outside Sales Reps. We kept them constantly updated with the upcoming seasons options so the sales team could go out and do their thing with comfort and ease. With regularly updated graphics and designs for decks, we would have to decide the featured items to display in the catalog. Having already attained numerous photos, we were able to strategically design the product pages with images featuring each item. Our main goal in the catalogs, like all catalogs, was to portray our products, but we wanted to do it in a way that also depicted our brands style and design technique to the observer to give them a full understanding of our mantra and identity. We developed a spacious layout with deck series and shapes featured across a two page spread, sprinkled with images balanced throughout. Our catalogs went over pleasantly with our customers and proved to be very successful. We continue to update the style and content of the catalog every season to maintain fresh style and content.

Sustainable Apparel

Apparel was a fun way to promote the brand and give more options to customers. In attempt to maintain our sustainable brand image, we decided to print on sustainable textiles, which, while a bit more costly, would uphold to our brands virtues. The textiles we decided to go were a blast. The colored shirts were made of recycled plastics and the color would vary with the item it was made from: blue was recycled water bottles, brown recycled plastic beer bottles, and grey was recycled x-ray film. There was no black option so we went with a 100% organic material. Our designs were put together by our team and a few others and we narrowed it down to six separate graphics and went to print.
Apparel Droptags


Infiltrating a Culture

Our design was aimed to make Bamboo a more approachable and relatable brand. Our techniques were all focused on what has been done, what is currently happening, and what is to come in the skateboarding industry. We constantly searched for progressive ways to differentiate our product and emphasize the importance of sustainability in this trade.

A Contemporary Brand

Bamboo’s new image has brought them back up to date with their competition and has dissolved their previous status as a brand for kids. Their contemporary vision provides the stepping stones for becoming a great brand and an influential part of making a change to an environmentally conscious world of skateboarding.


The Success of the New Image

Bamboo’s new image was able to put them on the map and set a stage for them to contend with others in their field. While there is still room for improvement and continuous tweaking and updating the brands identity, we feel they have reached a position where they can feel comfortable and, from there, can look to move forward. From our experience in the action sports life and a constant eye on current trends, we were able to give Bamboo a voice and style that propelled it forward as a competitive brand in the skate industry.

Coastal Cruiser
Power Stoop
Lined Up Stoop
Power Stance
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