Keepin’ It Real Since ’79

For over 35 years, Board & Brew has remained a timeless classic. They do things a bit differently than other sandwich shops and chains because they don’t pretend to be something they’re not. Board & Brew loves letting their personalities shine through and their casual, laid-back atmosphere lets their customers do the same!


Board & Brew’s Situation

In 2011, Board & Brew decided to move from a small-scale one shop restaurant, to a full on Southern California franchise over the next few years. In doing so, they needed to establish franchise guidelines and a certain style that would fit the brand across multiple franchisee locations. When a new spot opened up, they needed to be able to get all the design needs to that venue in order to maintain brand consistency throughout various regions.

How do we Combine the Brands History with Current Trends?

While maintaining consistency, Board & Brew also sought to connect with each community it had locations in. With the brands image focused on the Southern California surf culture of the 1980’s, Board & Brew needed to find a way to mix this into current pop culture and establish a design that was relevant to their local demographic.

Can we Develop a Systematic Design Model to Allow a Smooth Entry for Future Franchisees?

Consistency across the board was a big issue when Board & Brew was establishing the ground rules for franchise locations. They needed customers to feel comfortable walking into any location knowing they were going to receive the same quality and service at this location that they did at any other location. We needed a model that could be incorporated at any location with comfort and ease.


Our Solution

Once we went over all Board & Brew needed and our goals were aligned, we set out to start developing a concept and guidelines that would fit this criterion. We decided all design would pass corporate approval with font and style adhering to a referable style guide while creativity could be tested and altered to fit current trends and relevant functions. We also discovered ways we could further promote the brand and its product and image through media, merchandise & campaigns.

Consistent Brand Identity & Style

Board & Brew needed to uphold a style that lived up to their mantra while maintaining a consistency throughout their franchise locations. We developed a design that retained their early surf & skate culture with a vintage and worn new-age depiction while maintaining the bold 80’s colors necessary to encompass the brands old-school spirit. Our goal was to create something that encompassed the history of Board & Brew while connecting with current trends to reach our target demographics. Our style guide for Board & Brew had limitations on color usage, font styles, and our logo-type, and all location had preset in-house colors, menu boards, take out menus, packaging, and signage. However, we left some room for creativity in design. With the design freedom we were able to look at local trends and mimic them in our design for merchandise and advertisements in order to give each location a bit of local flavor. Through this structure we have been able to sustain a consistent identity for the brand while continuing to develop to keep up with trends.

High Quality Images

For our ads and image to come across top notch we needed some legit images to go with them. Luckily, our Photography Team is as good as they come. We set up a couple photoshoots for food with all types of options to allow ease and availability in future ad development. We also gathered multiple high quality in-restaurant photos to mix it up and give some Board & Brew lifestyle options for our B-roll. This crisp imagery has helped give Board & Brew a strong brand image to ad viewers that do not yet know the greatness of this Southern California Specialty Sandwich staple.

Effective Promotional & Ad Campaigns

The Promo & Ad Campaigns have been our most active role with Board & Brew since we began working with them. With nine locations now, and still growing, we are constantly having events, specials, anniversaries and magazine ads needed. With our extensive supply of B-roll images and brand style guide set, we are always ready to get these out for whatever the occasion calls for. Our creative freedom beyond the set guidelines further allows us to custom design our ad based on the environment and community it is being presented to, for example, a cleaner style in an upscale LOCALE magazine, or a more student engaged ad for a local high school program. Our end products are aimed to catch customers interest and pull them into the shop to enjoy a hearty sandwich or a nice refreshing beer and enjoy the atmosphere and vibe that is Board & Brew.

Brand Apparel & Merchandise

Our Apparel & Merchandise spawned from the desire for a little fun in guerrilla marketing. We developed two styles of product design: one being tied directly to the brands 80’s vibe with bright colors and bold images. The other pulled back and approached the designs with a simplistic style and softer palate. We wanted to have a few apparel options that didn’t scream “restaurant apparel”, but would be fashion forward and seen as a brand instead. Ideally, this would spark conversation and establish some word of mouth marketing for Board & Brew. We have further expanded our apparel & merchandise to include hats and sweatshirts and have even gone into producing skateboards, koozies, beach balls, decals, and multiple other fun items to pass around.

Management Organization

As of recent, we have been developing consistency in design and content for back-of-house and management items. We created a management binder, recipe book & brand stationary that can be used by each location to give a more professional depiction of the Board & Brew brand. Ideally, this consistency and quality will portray a professional attitude and inspire the employees to follow Board & Brew’s lifestyle and brand voice.


Prior Cultural Insight

All members of VIVO have been born and raised in the Southern California surf culture, so relating to Board & Brew’s idiosyncratic was pretty straightforward. Having grown up on surf flics from the 80’s and 90’s, we were able to recreate the feeling of pure stoke and drawn out bottom turns strictly from experience. We also wanted to maintain current design styles and at the same time make them seem like old-school 80’s brands.

Constant Demographic Oversight

While continuing to live in the culture that Board & Brew encompasses, we are constantly surrounded by the image we must recreate. Having been influenced by the surf culture our entire life, as well as studying the developing trends and styles, we are able to steer Board & Brew in the right direction in staying connected with their demographic and ahead of it’s competitors.

Board & Brew | Simple Logo

Smooth Sails & Consistent Success

Board & Brew has extended its franchise to nine locations throughout Southern California and is continuing to build. As the brand grows, so does VIVO, sustaining our scheme through consistent design and progressive methodology in approach and technique.

We have increased non-restaurant sales in merchandise immensely, along with brand recognition in magazine ads ranging from local to statewide. We have assisted Board & Brew in their consistent and high quality standards that allows every customer to into their store recognize their franchise uniformity and grant them the comfort of knowing they will receive a sandwich that lives up to it’s expectations.

“VIVO CREATIVE does all of our graphic design & photography work at Board & Brew… They have helped with our design work to create some new branding images and logos that seem popular amongst the B&B demographic. Their capabilities never cease to amaze me; print advertising, apparel, stickers, skateboards and other accessories are just a few of their specialties. VIVO CREATIVE has helped us with many aspects of graphic marketing and I am truly impressed by their work.”

Through the teamwork with VIVO and the leadership at Board & Brew, we have been able to open seven new locations along with our established branding, advertising and a multitude of campaigns & events.

All the friends at Board & Brew have done an amazing job with spreading the brand and we are very grateful for being granted the opportunity to be a part of it.

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