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Cameron is an incredibly gifted photographer with years of practice and experience, accompanied with a Photography degree from the acclaimed Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Cameron is a determined photographer with a strong knowledge of photography, composition, and lighting. He strives to bring something new to the field; with each technique learned, more possibilities in his photography reveal themselves. Cameron wants to push boundaries in lighting and post processing beyond what others have done. He has a strong working knowledge in photo software programs but likes to do most of his work behind the camera with exquisitely controlled light. He is not, nor will he ever be, finished learning and pushing his work forward.


CDS’s Situation

Cam had a blogspot portfolio that lacked personality and did not match his artistic style. He wanted to find a way to portray his creativity through more than just his incredible photographs.

Can we Transform a Photography Blog into an Elegant Showcase?

What steps needed to be taken to incorporate the photos into a majestic display of ingenuity that draws the user deeper into the mind and eyes of Cameron David Smith?


Our Solution

We decided to utilize multiple forms of imagery displays throughout the website. We wanted sections to just have pictures and different styles to really engage the viewer in Cameron’s style and vision. We also decided that we should develop Cameron as a brand of his own.

Various Display Outlets

We decided to have numerous photos set throughout the welcome page. We begin with a full screen slider that rotates through some of Cameron’s top pick photos. Under the welcome slider are some of his featured portfolios that we have made easily interchangeable and updatable. We finish the page with another rotating slider featuring more of Cameron’s favorite photos. We really wanted to have an introduction that felt more like being in a gallery and focusing on the imagery.

Categorized Portfolio

Cameron has a fantastic amount of variety in his large portfolio and needed to be able to sort it so his visitors could find certain images with ease. We decided to develop some categories to organize the photos. After choosing a category, rather than the page reloading, it simply removes the items that are not in the category and compresses the page to those the viewer has selected. This feature would allow efficiency in browsing as well as an interactive experience for the user.


Personalized Promotion

New Logo for the Brand

We decided to give Cameron a brand to indicate a professionalism that would bring more credibility and conviction to the quality of his products. CDS Photography was born as well as a simple logo to accompany it.


CDS’s Success

We have found the CDS site to be quite successful and a great platform for Cameron to display his work to potential buyers and clients. We plan one day to move forward into developing it into an ecommerce site where he has the ability to get print orders nationwide, and ideally worldwide, with simplicity and efficiency. We are excited for CDS to expand his customer and fan base while he continues to amaze us with his incredible vision.

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