Gut & Gravel

Gravel seeks to offer high-class cuisine in a more available and quicker form. It is a branch of the San Diego local Rimel’s Rotisserie serving simplified versions of Rimel’s restaurants favorite dishes. The idea was derived from the model of P.F. Chang restaurants having their casual dining branch, Pei Wei.

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Gravel’s Situation

We were approached with the concept of this brand and making it a reality. We sat down with the Gravel team and started discussing what they wanted the brand to encompass in its overall tone. Gravel needed to relate to Rimel’s somewhat in its style, but overall desired to hold up as an entity of its own.

How can we turn a Classy Sit-Down Restaurant into a Readily Available Fast-Food Chain?

Rimel’s has begun to make a name for itself in San Diego, especially with its new location at Petco Park. We needed to find a way to recreate a similar atmosphere in order to maintain the brands popularity with its customers in an adjusted.


Our Solution

We decided to sit down with the Gravel team and really break down what they wanted the brand to portray. We needed to maintain a rugged style that is represented at Rimel’s, but also incorporate some characteristics to make Gravel stand on its own. We decided to go through and make a brand identity guide with style guidelines, color ways, slogans, logos, and anything else needed to identify the brand.

Brand Identity & Style Guides

In developing the brands identity, we needed to cater to Rimel’s current grandeur and embody a classy establishment. We utilized a dark cherry wood to reflect the brand ambiance and begin to imagine the atmosphere of the actual restaurant. It was important to us and to the crew at Gravel that all aspects of the restaurant would remain harmonious and always compliment each other. Everything from the wall color and decoration to the menu layout and design had to be in accordance in order to maintain the feel of a classy establishment. We needed to establish guidelines and visual depictions of all possible portions of the restaurant to ensure the restaurant’s appropriate atmosphere.

Brand Apparel & Merchandise

We decided to begin developing ideas for apparel, merchandise, & uniform to further envision the brands ambiance. We mocked up multiple designs and versions of possible products in order to get the full effect of the restaurants atmosphere. All of the designs maintained the decor and personality that we had developed in the identity & style guidelines.


Design & Style

We browsed and brainstormed with the team at Gravel to develop some styles that would influence the overall brand and restaurant design. We were inspired by the dark cherry wood, along with refurbished shipyard woods, and metal framework as the material most affluent in the restaurant. After setting the atmospheric vibe we were able to test color schemes to accompany the restaurants environment. We were able to settle on certain color combos and then develop a typeface and style to then accompany the whole. The ambiance of the restaurant was to remain dim lit, much like the ambiance of Rimel’s restaurants. While maintaining the similar feel of Rimel’s, we were also able to set a style of our own and represent the new brand as a separate entity, like Rimel’s little brother.

Gravel Logo
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