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IRIS Food & Spirits is a fine dining restaurant in Del Mar, California started by two brothers from the East Coast. It has original recipe dishes that range from fantastic to spectacular accompanied with a view that’s to die for.


IRIS’s Situation

IRIS needed a website that could both look aesthetically appealing and be functional to control reservations in an orderly manner. They also wanted engaging photographs of their food and environment that could give an clear perspective of their vibe and brand.



Can we Develop a Progressive Site with a Simplified User Experience?

IRIS’s website was very outdated and difficult to navigate. It’s layout, navigation, color and design made it difficult to maintain viewers and potential customers would likely lose interest before giving the restaurant a chance. Their system for reservations or connection also was very outdated. They only had a number to call for reservations and would have had to write down the reservation in order to maintain it. Our goal was to find a way to both implore visitors to view the site while also coaxing them to make a reservation.


Our Solution

After discussing goals for the site with the IRIS management, we decided to develop a simple, yet prolific, design for their website. We wanted to make the process for making reservations and planning parties smooth and efficient as well. The site layout was open and spacious to remove the clutter from the previous site and allowed the user to comfortably browse and navigate. Further, we set up photoshoots to get the finest images for their site to give the flare and style it needed.

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Basic Home Page

We decided on a simple and aesthetically pleasing home page to welcome users to the site and emphasize the excellence of the restaurant. We shot multiple high quality photos with a softening composition to portray the elegant atmosphere and style of the restaurant to its visitors. We wanted it to remain simple and urge the user forward by dominating the screen with an ornate slider of our photos. With this basic welcoming screen, we were sure users would make the next step in viewing the menu options or, idealy, heading straight to the reservations & contact page.

IRIS Home Page

Elegant Menus

Charming Layout & Mild Tone

Our goal with the menus was to make the user experience online relatable to their restaurant experience without having them download or redirect to a PDF file. The simplicity of the menu pages would allow the user to simply scroll or swipe through menus as if they were pages in a book. Layout and ease on the viewers eye was a key component in the design of our online menus.

Simple Navigation

We developed a menu main page that allows the user to select their option along with a simple scrolling choice to navigate through each menu. The ‘booze’ menu incorporates a tab section at the top which allows the user to select their beverage preference and view each menu separately. Our goal was to make each page appeasing as not to overwhelm anyone and allow for choice selection.

Push Towards Reservations Page

Each page on the site is accompanied with a push towards the Reservations page at the bottom. We figured if someone saw something they liked, they would be intrigued to come and, therefore, made it easily accessible for them to make their reservation.

IRIS Cocktail MenuIRIS Lunch Menu

Simplified & Efficient Reservations

User Experience

Our main goal was to get users to become customers and set a reservation at the restaurant. We made the option for setting a reservation apparent on each page to minimize confusion or inability to navigate to the correct page. The Reservation page is a simple form page that users can fill in their name, party size, date & time, and preference of seating to set their reservation. They may make special requests or even inquire on reserving the restaurant for a party. The user is greeted with a confirmation after their submission and can be instantly contacted by the restaurant to discuss further details. Given the luxurious location of the restaurant, we wanted to make the process of setting a reservation as proper as we could to ensure customer satisfaction.

Management Capabilities & Efficiency

Management at IRIS is immediately notified of reservations and given the proper information to contact the customer and adhere to their needs. Reservations are then automatically put into a calendar to ensure there is not an overbooking in any section and they are capable of meeting the future customers needs.

IRIS Reservations


The first step in this brands makeover was developing an aesthetically appealing style. Our main focus was on quality of images and getting the right shots to depict the vibe of the restaurant. We then simplified the design around the photos to ensure simplicity in navigation while emphasizing the images.

Smooth Functionality

The primary clientele for IRIS is middle to upper class elderly locals to the area. We wanted to find a way to maintain this clientele while also attracting younger restaurant connoisseurs. Developing an easy to use site would allow users to navigate through menu options and reservations comfortably. At the same time, we could design the site to be appealing to all crowds through strategic styling and layout. We had a photo shoot with IRIS to illustrate the quality standards of the restaurant and envelop a stronger perception.

Responsive Design

With a larger number of people browsing on tablets and smartphones, we wanted to make the site responsive across all platforms so eager customers could have an effortless browse through the site.

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Achieving Simplicity & Satisfaction

“Before we began working with Vivo, our restaurant’s online presence was outdated, and barely functional.

Essentially our website was a static one-page menu… meaning we had no way of accepting reservations online other than being e-mailed directly, no pictures of the restaurant or our dishes/beverages, and no functionality for mobile users.

Since we launched our new website, we’ve seen a 60% increase in online reservations through the website, a huge boost in guests booking private events at the restaurant, and an overall increase in engaged users with our online presence across all platforms.

The photographer we worked with was incredibly knowledgable and efficient, offering best-practice based advice along the way for helping us capture the most effective photos possible, and being very flexible when it came to working with our hectic schedule.

The biggest gain we’ve received from working with Vivo is knowing we’re making an impactful first impression to our prospective guests visiting online. Those crucial first 15-30 seconds when a visitor is deciding whether or not to dine at our establishment aren’t lost anymore. Instead of being greeted with a confusing UI & an archaic reservation system, online visitors are captivated by eye-catching professional photos, efficient functionality for web and mobile users, and an easy 1-click way to make a reservation at our restaurant.

The services Vivo Creative provides are essential for any restaurant in this day and age. And for what you receive, their rates are incredibly affordable – even for a small family-owned restaurant like us. We can’t recommend Vivo’s services enough.”

Nick Sinutko | Bar Manager

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