A New Platform

Platform Skateboards focuses on the talents of artists and allows a platform for their work to be displayed on a paramount stage. Whether the artist is an up-and-coming local or a worldwide phenomenon, Platform allows for a blend of creativity and culture, replacing a canvas with a skateboard.


Platform’s Situation

Platform needed to develop a brand that encompasses the style of a multitude of different artists. The goal was to work as a background stage that artist’s could use to portray their ability and expose their work. How could Platform succeed as a stage for promoting artists without diminishing them with the brand’s involvement, but at the same time, grow the brand to become a recognizable company?

How would you Launch a Sustainable Product as a Platform for Artists?

While skateboards have always had an artistic appreciation, Platform needed to emphasize the artists and, indeed, play as a brand that provides the platform for these artists to shine. The obstacle was providing this stage while remaining a relevant and recognizable brand to the skateboarding and art community.


Our Solution

We decided to develop the brand to have its own marketable style with an emphasis and focus on the artists. The brand would stand as a new creative platform and would market products in a similar fashion to maintain consistency. However, each artist could use this brand as an outlet and reference to expand their style and image.

To give the brand a kick-start, we had one of our own designers, Sean Marshall, create one of their first line of deck series.

Illustrative Style

Project Motif

This project, much like many of Sean’s projects, was based on the concept of nature versus industry. Ever since his paintings in high school, Sean has been infatuated with the idea of nature removed from its environment and incorporated into everyday first-world society. With the approach of using sustainable bamboo skateboards as the design platform, it seemed right to have a subject matter that touched on the human effect on environmental disturbances. Sean wanted to create something that came across more artistically friendly in design while also having a prominent stand on the need of a conscious effort for change in industrial standards.

Design Approach

“Given the environment and style approach Platform is built on, it seemed only appropriate to attempt this project from a hands-on, non graphic medium. I decided to create these designs without the initial use of a computer and return to my favorite form of art; painting and drawing. I felt this style would evoke a sense of raw ingenuity and further suggest the overall objective of the brand.”
-Sean Marshall

parallax layer



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