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Smile Eyewear is a brand that wants to change the way everyday eyewear is made. With their unique chemical compound of acetate and bamboo, they were able to make a blend that makes glasses into a more sustainable resource. As a high commodity item, it is important to think about the repercussions we have on our environment. Smile Eyewear takes that precaution and focuses on making the most sustainably fit eyewear you can have.


Smile’s Situation

Smile has a fantastic product but a sustainable technology that is unfamiliar to its potential consumers. With the sunglasses market already filled with numerous competitors, Smile had to find a way to make their eco-friendly product stand out as a must-have commodity.

How do we Promote a Sustainable Product in a Densely Saturated Sunglasses Market?

What were the steps needed to take to educate potential consumers on Smile’s sustainable products and keep their interest to influence them to purchase? We needed to develop an enticing campaign that could put Smile at the forefront of their competition.


Our Solution

We first created a mantra for Smile to live and represent through their brands depiction. We needed to portray a jovial mood that would reflect the brands focus on enjoying life to the fullest. This would include an eco friendly lifestyle that we promote through producing a sustainable product. We needed to develop enticing visual content to maintain viewers interest and represent a friendly and inviting environment.

Digital Presence

Stylized Layout

Our site layout was simplistic yet unique in design. We wanted a user experience that would keep them involved in the site. This would include features like a zoom carousel of featured products that would interact much like a spinning a sunglasses display in a shop. The goal of the site was essentially to set a mood and push visitors to both purchase product and learn more about the environmental accountability Smile products took on. We maintained a strong spatial layout to avoid confusion on the users side and allow them to explore the brand comfortably.

Responsive Page Design

In this constantly changing technological day and age, we knew it was important to have a site that was responsive and ready to adapt to different devices. We made the page mobile and tablet friendly to enhance and simplify the users experience no matter what gadget they were browsing on.

Clean High Quality Product Images

Multi Angle Shots

Since we decided to incorporate features such as the zoom carousel, we needed to have multiple product shots to allow for a smooth rotation as you scroll or spin through product options. We wanted to make the user experience as close to an in-store experience as possible.

Brand Lifestyle Photos

Promoting Consumer Knowledge

The sustainability of the product is one of the key factors to this brands cultural acceptance and overall success. We needed to make sure that quality was apparent across the site and through all branding platforms. We developed a sustainability logo and have it constantly present throughout the site. There are also multiple links and pages that go into depth about the quality and eco friendliness of the Smile products.

Smile also distributes a portion of its profits to the Smile Foundation, which is a foundation that provides dental care to children whose families are unable to pay for it. We needed to make sure this was apparent on the site as well to promote Smile’s contribution to its community.

Clean Friendly Vibe

While Smile is a globally conscious brand, they also wanted to portray a lifestyle that was desired by the consumer market. We decided to portray a friendly laid-back lifestyle through soft imagery and carefree scenarios. With the companies headquarters in sunny Southern California, we emphasized the effervescent yet comforting idea that this culture embraces.



Through all the marketing and brand identifiable traits, we needed to make sure we maintained consistency in brand recognition. The overarching emphasis and ideology of the brand is that of upholding a sustainable lifestyle that promotes the production of everyday products in an eco conscious manner. We needed to make sure the brand held strong to their values through our design and marketing advances and always stay true to promoting a product for the greater good.


Obtaining Walmart

With the price point and demographic Smile was reaching for, it was decided that the main distributor of the product should be Walmart. While the Walmart brand doesn’t always come to view as a promoter of sustainability and eco conscious customers, Smile thought it would be the best way to get their product to reach a large number of customers and start to push for a change in the optic industry.

We prepared the Smile team with a product catalog, website, and plethora of marketing examples to present to the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Through our groundwork in preparing the brand identity, along with the skills of the Smile team, we were able to acquire a deal with Walmart to have Smile products in 750 stores nationwide.

We are excited to see where Smile Eyewear moves in the future and can’t wait for the next step in making their eco friendly product a household name.

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