White Fence’s Situation

With an abundance of breweries continuing to pop up in Southern California, White Fence needed to make sure they stood out in both product quality and overall brand mentality. What could they do that would set them apart from the other local microbreweries and increase their image.

How do we Penetrate a Saturated San Diego Microbrewery Market with a Locally Focused Brand of Home Brews?

White Fence’s image is of the simple Leucadia lifestyle, focused on surf vibes and living the California dream. They needed to get their brand to stand out in a huge market but maintain their local identity and vibe. How could they grow the brand and breach this market without losing their true character?


Our Solution

We determined the best strategy for WFBC was to really emphasize their brands local image. We needed to accentuate the brands involvement in the community and really connect with our Encinitas natives. A brand that is true to its roots can be respected and taken in by more than just their local community. We brainstormed ways to build on this connection through labeling, social, promotional, and digital platforms.

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Preparation for Investors

First Round Labeling

The first goal was to get out of the gates and prepare the brand for approaching investors. We took a couple of labeling approaches and in the end decided to go with a photo based labeling. We felt it was different and would stand out on the shelves. These beautiful images all around the California coast would be a vital part of the brands image and, in the end, prove influential in the decision for investors to join into the company.

Different Approach

As mentioned, we wanted to take a different approach to labeling than is usually found on the store shelves. With a top-notch photography team on our side, we felt we could really build a strong brand image through powerful imagery throughout California. Ideally, this combination of quality beer and fervent artistic imagery would entice passerby’s to learn more about the brand and indulge in their product. During our shoots, we focused on proper composition to allow for graphic presence without diminishing the impact of the photo.

Staying Connected

Community is one of WFBC’s biggest values. In keeping true to their brand, we have developed ways to connect with locals that goes further than just acknowledging and interacting with them. We plan to feature and collaborate with the local’s that provide WFBC with the ingredients they use in each beer. Whether it be the beekeeper who provides the honey for a sweet honey beer or the farmer who they get hops from, we want to get them noticed and feel appreciated for their help and support in the brand. Staying connected and true to the community will always be at the foundation of WFBC and we will continue to develop ways to make that happen.

West Coast IPA LabelCalifornia Pale Ale LabelSea Bluff IPA LabelRed Ale LabelOrange Blossom Pale Ale

Brand Loyalty

WFBC and our crew at VIVO have a large amount of connections and relationships with the local community in Encinitas and San Diego County. By developing the brand to connect with the community we anticipate their excitement in joining in and spreading well-being through San Diego. We trust our involvement in the community will develop a desire for local companies to collaborate with WFBC and further contribute to the success of the area.


To Leucadia & Beyond

The crew at White Fence has now reached the point of moving from investor gathering to beginning the process of developing the rest of the brand. We will be working with them as they continue to grow and influence their local community. We are excited to have a hand in, what we expect, to be a fantastic success both locally and beyond.

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